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Somewhere on the outer fringes of the music world, Chris Anderson has been writing songs and making records for almost three decades. On his own label, Flying Dachshund Music, Chris has released 48 full length albums, as well as several EPs and compilations, since 1992. A secondary label, Bootleg Records, boasts over 200 CD titles as well, both solo and band recordings. Utilizing several different methods of creation, Chris likes to think of his musical universe as little more than a complex figment of his imagination....except that it also happens to exist for real. A veteran of the insular ALX scene, Chris performed in bands such as Carpe Diem and Ebb before going solo in 2001. Since then, Chris has performed sporadically and amassed a body of work comprising over 2000 original songs. His songs range from the personal to the political, songs of love, life, nonsense, and the human condition. Rich in melody, and often quite clever, Chris' songs feel both familiar and fresh, each one offering a further glimpse into his own little world.