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Smooth vocals combine with solid riffs in Circadian’s first EP, Focus. Circadian is Cody Hunter (vocals/guitar), Justin Ratliff (drums), Wade Jones (bass), and Jared McFerron (lead guitar). They began playing together early in 2011. Citing such influences as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, RED, Flyleaf, and Incubus, the boys say it best: “We play rock music.” The group has performed at The Door in Dallas, TX and other venues in the East Texas area. Lead singer and songwriter, Cody Hunter, says that “a lot of the songs deal with battling inward darkness and the tendency to drift or flee from God, and that's a common theme throughout almost the whole EP. ‘Not Home Yet’ is not only stylistically different from the others but conveys a message of hope, a promise that all the battling and striving will end in victory.” From the hard-edged “Anchor Me” to the more ballad-like “Not Home Yet,” the Focus EP gives listeners a taste of Circadian’s considerable potential.