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From our very first breath we are taught to conform and fall in line with the specific ways and patterns of the world. We're taught how to behave, interact, and even which paths to take. But for Manhattan based band, Cloverton, parting from these patterns has been a trademark of their story from the start.

Without the help of a record label or outside investors, the band, consisting of Lance Stafford (piano/vocals), his twin brother, Layne Stafford (bass), Kirby LeMoine (drums) and Josh Svorinic (guitars), propelled onto the Christian music scene in 2011. Soon after, Cloverton scored the #1 most downloaded song in the history of KLOVE radio for their first single "Take Me into the Beautiful." In 2013, Cloverton released their first full length album titled "Patterns."

“We believe there is something in this album for everyone because we believe there are parts of our story that will resonate in some way with everyone's story,” Lance Stafford explains. “We are so intentional about each lyric, and want every song to be a unique and connective experience.”

“Day would turn to night. It darkened me as I found another love. And tears would fill the sea as You would long for me.” -Bridge

Reaching out through their carefully crafted music, the songs touch cords in each and every person. When you take time to really listen to the music, a depth of meaning unveils itself.

The lyrical depth found in each song is evident from beginning to end as the band pays special attention to marrying charming melodies and ambient sounds with scriptural truths.

“None of us are into compromising or settling for the status quo. It’s a daily choice. To what or who am I surrendering today?” Lance says. “We all have a choice to either conform to the worldly patterns set before us, or to pioneer a new way. Each of us are committed to our God given passion and we're willing to choose a different path to be faithful to His calling. We hope others will be inspired to do the same.”