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Not a creature was stirrin, not even a mouse / so tonight i think i'll break into your house / i'll be sneakin' around and prayin' nobody finds out / then i'll take every gift that i find because they're mine now / that's right i'm the grinch / here to walk, through your house, and then take all then gifts / i'm gonna eat all the cookies you're leavin' out for St. Nick / then hide outside and watch you throw great big fit I know / that might sound a little bit sick / but so is lyin' to these kids tellin' em Santa's legit / you feed em these lies and expect them to trust you / when they find out their hearts explodes and then mushrooms you liar / ain't no fat man comin' down through the firebut if he did, i'd give him a little sip of cider / that's mixed with nyquil so it would get him tired / cuz i don't wanna be in that sleigh unless i'm the driverI'd go to the neighbor's house that's rich yet they always complain about / every little thing when they have an insane amount / of z-e-r-o's up in they bank account / it's crazy how nobody's grateful now / we wanna buy, just a little more every day / well just maybe that money is weighin' you down / but you'd rather drown in the water than give it away / i've been to 8 different countries / i've seen a lot of people hungry / but they still live a life happier life than us / nd only make a fraction of the money / that's why sometimes it really kills me / we be livin' nice and clean, they livin' filthy / they only know of rice and beans, we feed on real meat / but we don't care the price to eat, although it's killing / so many americans who are guilty we be killing our bodies so naughty yet we are so willing / some cynical individuals strugglin' with our diets some don't even bother tryin' just show us all where the pills be / open up the cabinet, pop a couple mo' / i am not concerned my heart's about to blow / never trust a vegan, i don't care the reason i'll continue feastin' til my body goes / but speakin' go-in / when you pass away who will you trust your soul with? / trust God, he's the reason I go-fish / the reason that I light up the darkness, like a glow stick / but which God? The one that we celebrate / every Christmas the one who will never fade / the one who's in control of every weather change / His name is Jesus, the King who forever reigns.