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Kassia Conway makes music that falls in the Venn-diagram sweet spot between pop and R&B, rock and hip-hop, accessible and arty. It’s got attitude—and so does she. After cutting a distinctive figure in the Los Angeles underground scene as frontwoman/bassist/songwriter of her previous band, All Wrong and the Plans Change, Kassia decided to venture out on her own—now simply known as Conway. Her breakout song “Big Talk” takes the humor and sarcasm pioneered by bands like Weezer and the spoken-word gymnastics of David Byrne and sets them to a trashy, grinding beat. The “Big Talk” video was shot, edited and directed by Conway herself on her MacBook’s Photo Booth program as she spent three weeks roaming around downtown L.A. capturing footage of herself. Another favorite, “Killer,” is an epic rocker of a love song that showcases Conway’s robust yet haunting-around-the-edges voice (think Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes crossed with Karen O).