From Corner Gospel Explosion

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Corner Gospel Explosion is a 4 piece indie rock band from Oregon. From the arpeggiated synthesizers, to the driving drums and bass, to the post-apocalyptic storytelling, it sums up what this band is about: creating a unique musical experience that will also make you want to move. Their live show mirrors their record, it's engaging, energetic and is always a special experience. They were named "Best Band of 2015" by the Source Weekly and plan on venturing out across the northwest to spread their gospel of indie rock.

“Bradley David Parsons is one hell of a songwriter, with a knack for eerie melodies (“Disappear”), soaring choruses (“Song in the Trees,” “Taking Place,” just about any other song on the record) and intricate arrangements (epic seven-minute plus album closer “Through the Fence & Out”).

– Brian McElhiney Bend Bulletin