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Dave & Jess Ray, worship leaders from Houston, Texas, have been to the ends of the earth and back. A trip to the remote bush of South Sudan impressed on them the intense need of that impoverished nation, and left them eager to respond. Their new EP, Music for the Radio, is the beginning of that response. Inspired by their time in South Sudan, Music for the Radio is a partnership with Aid Sudan's innovative Radio Station Project. All proceeds go toward the purchase of handheld radios for the South Sudanese. What can a radio do in the midst of such poverty? A radio can teach you about community development. A radio can tell you how to boil water to prevent the spread of disease. And a radio can tell you about Jesus. Each radio costs just $20 to manufacture and distribute. And when you "tip" Dave & Jess Ray on NoiseTrade, every penny goes toward a radio. Enjoy the music...and make a difference!