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David Mansfield is a rocker from Boston, wielding a six string since the age of six and writing songs for almost as long. Finding inspiration in the Beatles catalog, he also early-on grew curious about the process and practice of recording music. He set out to record his earliest work at the age of 9, a song called “Love Makes The World Go Round”. No copies exist to this day, but the chord progression remains in memory along with the lyrics in the chorus. We do, however, here at Hey Now Records (in the Vault), have his first full length EP that was recorded four years later called “When You Love Someone”, a collection of 7 songs that were written in the throes of 12 year old passion and confusion. In all seriousness, the songs are an interesting listen if nothing else. He kept writing all through his middle school and high school years, playing in various bands with various musicians, until his departure from Riverside, California to go to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He spent 5 years in Boston learning his craft, studying with amazing guitarists and audio engineers. David moved back to the west coast in 2002 where he was able to soak up the Los Angeles music scene through various performance opportunities around the area while doing studio work as his “day job”. In 2004, David opened the doors on Hey Now Records, focusing his time behind the console on live performance recording and mastering. The following year he returned to the Boston area for a return to and re-exploration of his roots, bringing Hey Now Records east, all the while preparing the songs for his first solo release “Drive” in 2007. Soon after the release of “Drive”, David joined up with old Berklee friend Trevor Jones to start the band Gaslight Revival. Their first album “Drift” was recorded through the summer of 2008 and released in 2009. You will currently find David sculpting and molding a style that is a cross-section of his Brit-pop, roots rock, and blues leanings, creating a sound that is a tip of the cap to his mentors, but at the same time uniquely his own.