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Deji was born in Lagos, Nigeria on January 16, 1994. Along with his siblings and mother, he relocated to Dublin, Ireland at the age of 7 where he would be based for the better part of a decade.

He was raised by a devout Christian mother who exposed him to the gospel at a young age and encouraged him to join the choir at their local church. As he grew older, Deji continued to identify with his religious upbringing but struggled to overcome the mounting pressures that accompany adolescence. It would not be long before profanity, lust and other common teenage vices became integral components of his lifestyle. Deji grew up being strongly influenced by hip-hop and r&b culture and at the age of 14 he began to entertain the idea of being a rapper/singer and songwriter. On occasion, he would draft and rehearse lyrics he kept in a personal notepad but rarely showcased his work.

Deji returned to Lagos along with his mother and younger sister in 2008 at which point he was enrolled in high school. Hardwork and discipline saw his academic performance continuously improve and he secured a place on the school's honour roll in his senior year. However, his interest in music had hardly subsided and at the age of 16 he discovered a flare for freestyling. Deji received positive feedback from friends and, with a lyrical base that supported a 'fast life' he had never experienced, he decided to hone his rap skills under the moniker "D-Ron".

Following his high school graduation, Deji was offered a place to study at a reputable college in the UK where he completed his A-Levels in 2010 with distinguished results. Although he considered music to be nothing more than a hobby at the time, the songs he did compose and record in his spare time continued to contradict his proclamation of faith.

However, Deji was becoming increasingly discontent with the 'double life' he was leading and at the age of 18, following a lengthy and profound conversation with his cousin, he re-dedicated his life to Christ with a determination to turn his back on sin. In the process, he relinquished his desire to rap under the misconception that it was 'unholy'.

As he began to develop a more intimate relationship with God, however, he came to understand through scripture that any gift under the sun could be redeemed and used to glorify God and that hip-hop music was no exception. Having sought God's face on the issue persistently, Deji made the move to merge his music interests with his increasing passion for Christ.

In 2013, he began composing faith-based rap verses not for recording purposes but as a unique way of communicating with God. Having later felt led to use his gift to bless others, Deji returned to the music scene in 2013 and released an unofficial single which was well-received. He recognized though that becoming a worthy vessel in this mission field would require a solid grounding in scripture and so he opted to spend less time in the studio and more time in the Word. Also realizing the importance of being a transparent missionary, he subsequently abandoned the moniker "D-Ron" - a stage-name he felt had masked his divine identity - and reverted to his birth name.

Deji is currently attending the University of Cambridge where he is studying towards a BA degree in Economics. He is also working on his unofficial EP entitled "The Crossover", a project designed to shed light on his transition into faith. This work is scheduled to be released in April 2014.