From Delta Twins

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"Deep Blues/Rock for the Soul."Old school rock, soul, & blues meets modern. Classic covers carefully mixed with outstanding originals. Nominated for the 2012 Detroit Music Awards "Outstanding Blues Artist", their award-winning music hits you at your core, sounding familiar yet unique at the same time. Their lyrics are woven with surprising depth, and their grooves will get your feet moving, your heart beating, and your soul leaping!

Lead singer Bob Young “digs deep and lets lyrics fly with a salt of the Earth gusto that is as true as the music he’s playing.” (Heath Andrews, album review). He also plays some keys, rhythm guitar, and a wailing harmonica. His “twin brother of another mother” Tom Kozaneckiprovides a steady rhythmic anchor and smooth fills on both bass and electric guitar. Their current lineup includes veteran guitarist Terry Birkett and rock-solid drummer Doug Austin.