From D. Green

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Born and raised in the South Bronx sections of New York City, D. Green is one of those fresh faces determined to establish that his city is still alive and capable of reaching mainstream success. He started writing music at the age of eleven. Music became his way to slip away from the tough reality he grew up in. Being raised in an environment where showing emotion was not an option, music was the only outlet that he had to channel all of his ideas and emotions. Within two years, it became a passion he would not let up on. Influenced by greats like, Big Daddy Kane, Big Pun, Big L, Mase, Jay-Z and Jadakiss to name a few, the New York style of rapping has been instilled in him as he continue to make a name for himself.

D. Green has put together several solid mixtapes and throughout his career, he has played shows with major performers such as J. Cole, collaborated with DJ Green Lantern, DJ Zeke, Skyzoo and Emilio Rojas and has been featured on MTV. His most-talked-about release to date, For The F.E.W. (FansEveryWhere), shows off his expressive, conversational rapping style and his ability to deliver his own personal perspectives to his listeners by tapping into the vitality of words and music.

With determination, dedication and discipline in the driver’s seat, D. Green is not slowing up on his mission to be heard, felt, loved and established in the game he grew to love and respect.