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"Bound By Love" is a song inspired by people all over the world and the struggles everyone faces. And knowing that only through understanding, or at least trying to understand one another can we find peace. It's about the hope that we're moving toward being a listening and forgiving culture - that we're moving away from the violence, fear and greed - that in realizing our collectivity, we come to know that our future depends on the welfare of one another.

From June 29th through July 31st, 100% of proceeds from streams, Noisetrade donations, & downloads of this new single “Bound By Love" will support hunger initiatives that increase access to nutritious foods for underserved neighborhoods and support giving people who struggle with hunger a voice to advocate for policy changes. Fans who purchase or stream the song will support DISPATCH: HUNGER and a coalition of organizations, which includes: The Center for Hunger-Free Communities and Witnesses for Hunger, New York City Coalition Against Hunger, No Kid Hungry, and WhyHunger