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DJ Ariel Assault (b. Ariel Gonzalez), is South Beach’s best-kept secret (the power of DJ and VDJ as a double threat), and is ready to unload. Already a veteran in the Miami/South Beach nightlife with residencies that, in some cases, have stretched out 3 years over (Aerobar, Oxygen Lounge, Grass/King is Dead, Flavour, Metropolis, Post, Glass, Martini Bar, Reserved Le-Club, Goddess, Club Red, Etc.), Assault has clearly claimed his ground as a consistent party mover. Moreover, Assault has also spun as a guest in practically all of Miami including power clubs like Liv, Mansion, Opium/Prive', Space, Cameo, and Dream to name a few. Keeping true to his previous success as a staying power in a nightclub, Ariel currently holds residencies in various spots in the Miami area, and continues to be constant guest in many venues. Now an artist for and club, Asssault's remix work is purchased and played all over the world! Be on the lookout for Assault at a town near you!