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Every once in a while an artist comes along with the ability to move fans out of their seats while creating a visceral experience. Artists of this quality come from undeniable talent and radical authenticity. This is the heartbeat of dnk. dnk. is a Nashville based pop/rap group made up of members, Kayla Erb hailing from the Pacific Northwest and David Davis, a Chicago-Native. David and Kayla are surrounded by a gang of professional misfits, Devon Curry, Quentin Flowers, and Peter Ferguson.At a young age, it was obvious that Kayla and David were destined to perform. Both being from large families with varied interests, the duo captured individual attention early on by belting out Motown and Jazz classics and taking every opportunity to be on stage. Over the course of two decades, David and Kayla channeled their musical aspirations which inevitably led to their meeting at Belmont University where they studied music. And it was here that they were discovered and subsequently developed by an industry executive, Becki DeVries from Kompass/Kobalt.

The newly found Pop/Rap group was matched with award-winning songwriter and producer, Aaron Sprinkle; the team had an instant connection and rhythm. With a handful of songs written, edgy production, and a high energy live show, dnk. has become a force to be reckoned with. Their debut EP will be released on March 31st, 2014.

When they are not performing the members of dnk enjoy what a typical Nashville citizen would; extreme trampolining, knitting, glow-in-the-dark roller skating, cooking, Wino-Wednesdays, and spontaneous adventures.