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1. I've Tried (5:11)

2. Heaven Forbid (4:07)

3. Take Me Home (4:18)

4. Teach Me To Fly (5:05)

5. Walk Away From You (3:13)

6. Sarah Knows (4:44)

7. Try Anything (2:29)

8. This Could Be Love (3:32)

9. You Mean The World To Me (4:49)

10. I Need You Around (Bonus Demo) (3:58)

All songs written and performed by Don Ferlazzo; recorded and mixed at Don's House. Photographs courtesy of Krystal Balzer Photography. Special thanks to Nick Sweet Six (Stefan Kidalowski, Frank Schoonbeck and Nick Sweet) for bringing these songs to life at rehearsals and live performances. "Sarah Knows" inspired by and in memory of Jennifer Kennedy. "I Need You Around" inspired by Butters. Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Theresa and, of course, Jamie. Also, hello to Adrionna, Quinton and Joey! Copyright 2017 Don Ferlazzo.