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Power 94.7 and Dj Ro was able to catch up with upcoming Va artist Eaze to get an exclusive on some of his upcoming work. Read more below to learn more about this artist buzzing in the streets.

1. What inspired you to want to be an artist? Just enjoying good quality music being able to relate to the vibes of other artist.

2. Who is your biggest inspiration? My uncle Cedric (Ced). He was a real fan of the 90's hiphop. And he started his own label.

3. Where were you born and raised? I was born in Princeton WV raised in the commonwealth. Newport News

4. What has been your biggest fear coming into the music industry? Thinking to far ahead. Loosing friends. the money changing me.

5. If there was one person in the industry who you could shadow, who would it be and why? I like to be original as possible music wise but business wise I gotta say 21 savage b/c he is also a independent artist with distrokid.

6. What do you feel the music industry is lacking? Substance. The creativity is at a all time high I feel the new generation are coming in younger and younger with a different mindset and approach but they don't know hiphop. So their missing the point.

7. Tell me about your latest single? I recently put out a EP called "ForeverTime" on 9/11. Its really expressing the crabs in a bucket mentality. It goes deeper into consciousness with the song "ForeverTime" it expresses the purpose of life and love through two different people's eyes $

8. Any upcoming projects? Yes I'm working on a new mixtape called "The birth of the creator" it has no release date but I definitely want to drop it before 2018.

9. What area do you feel you should market more? Definitely visuals I need to shoot more videos take more pictures I haven't done so on purpose. Cause people will judge u by your appearance but know nothing about you.

10.How did you come up with this single/project? Any inspirations? It started out as just a song but as i continued writing it i started incorporating some of my experiences along with some other ppls experiences and it became a story.

11.What does your stage name mean? I've always been one of those ppl if it's hard and I'm struggling i don't want you to know that. I keep my composure. I always made things look easy. Like if I can do it you can do it.

12.Have you done any shows in the past and do you have any recent shows or tours coming up? I have done a few shows the one that stands out the most is the kodak show at the norva I was obviously lit and they kicked us out the norva before i could perform. My exact words "you telling me I'm to lit these ni**as got on ski masks" very memorable moment.

13.How do you describe your music to people? Different mix the 90's flow with the 2000's energy a little 80's concept A dab of soulful 60's&70's passion and you get ThaAlmightyeaze

14.How would you define the word “success”? Success is the outcome of your journey. You find your success by measuring your progress from where u started to your present.

15.Are you looking for an independent label deal or major label deal? (Why) I really want to stay independent for as long as possible b/c nobody wants to pay someone a portion of your earnings when you put in your all. I mean if a label offers me a deal they obviously see the potential and don't get me wrong I'll rather play for the Lakers than be a free agent

16.Have you created a career, marketing, or business plan? Not necessarily. I do have another MDMA_TV (Million Dollar Mind Association) we have idea after idea so definitely stay tuned in for that new Kerch coming for the winter "NOMiD" shirts are always for sell.