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"The SideEffects" is a self titled release by songwriter Elijah Newman and company. After releasing his second studio album, "Against The Tide," Elijah pulled good friends and musicians into Dark Horse Studios and The Sound Lair to give fans a listening experience that resembles the band's aggressive, fast paced live show. "We wanted to recreate what we do live. We have always felt at home on stage, and that's where we really get to be who we are as a musical unit."-Elijah Newman

The group's rapid formation set the tone for the EP. With little rehearsal time together, as well as a wide array of musical influences, the band was able to hone in a big, melodic, punk rock sound. "We just came together ands said "Okay, let's make a record." We went in really not knowing how we would work together outside of a live environment, but as soon as we started, it felt like we'd been together for years."-Chris Potocik

If you are looking for Springsteen melodies meshed with Story Of The Year rock n roll choruses, this is the record for you.

A message from the band-

"Thanks for taking a listen, we appreciate you guys. Do us a favor, and play it up loud."