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In a quarter-life crisis, Eric Eckhart left America, his corporate job, possessions, family and friends and moved to Europe to go after his dream and reconnect with his lifelong passion for music. Now based in Berlin, Eric released his critically-acclaimed album, ‘This Is Where It Starts’, in 2010 and toured throughout Germany and Austria. Eric’s music is a blend of Americana/pop, indie rock and a touch of his West Virginia roots all woven together with classic songwriting sensibilities. Eric is also co-founder of 'A Headful of Bees' artist collective for musicians, filmmakers, writers, artists and photographers who share and swap their collective experience, knowledge and skills to help nurture, promote and further each others artist careers. The collective also organises events and workshops on issues of how artists can collaboration, cooperate, and network together and embrace the advantages and freedom of being a DIT artist.