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"Life is meaningless unless you put your heart, mind and soul into everything you do!" This is what we believe in as a group of multi-lingual indie rock musicians based in the south of Portugal. All songs are created in a humble home studio.

Lucy is our talented and beautiful Russian singer. She has been singing live for years in various venues nationally as well as Russia and Japan. Her heart is very creative and we are blessed by her amazing musical ideas and compositions. Paul Fernando is the master of all things electric guitar. He's a brilliant musician with many years of experience playing pubs, clubs and other venues both nationally and internationally. Our sound is taken to another level by his skill. Valter is another great musician who also has many years of experience playing live venues. We collaborate with him on an ongoing basis and he helps us achieve great demos for the songs we create. Joseph Paul is the driving force behind our lyrics, constructing amazing stories and concepts from the soundscapes that we paint. His poetic and sensitive soul takes our songs to other dimensions, to other worlds. Together we are "Essence Of Passion" and we strive for excellence. One day we hope to share our songs and music with the world. We are looking for someone to invest in us and to help us achieve greatness. So if that is you then please get in touch with us. Let's work together to conquer the world!