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On an ill-fated trip from Nashville to the spring break wasteland known as Panama City Beach, Florida, Evil Eyes began in a dingy motel room. After too many whiskey drinks, too many bad luck dames, and too much Fleetwood Mac, Greg Mabry and Joe Frabotta were more than fear and loathing in the sunshine state. Luckily, they both brought acoustic guitars instead of grenades. They had never played together, but there was an instant dynamic. Songs were written quickly, and they felt they were on to something… something bigger than any other musical project they had been a part of before. Flash forward 3 years to 2011: Joe had landed in San Francisco and Greg had stayed behind in Nashville, but the two had continued to hone their vision of a dark, lean pop sound - nostalgic but not old, dreamy but world-weary. In the fall of 2011, they realized they needed to be in the same place to take things to the next level. Greg joined Joe in San Francisco, and Evil Eyes hit the ground running.