From Bijan Ilyaie

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Bijan Ilyaie produced this album with the help of a couple of very talented and brilliant musicians/friends who had common grounds in their music taste or style. Bijan started his own music career in 1994. During the early stages of the recording of his latest album "Unconditional" (late 2011) Bijan met James Miller, a drummer, songwriter, and a producer/sound engineer. In early 2012, Shawn, a great bass player, another friend of Bijan's, joined the two and then after awhile they began to feel they were meant to create this album ... they finally found their own original sound!

"Unconditional" written and composed by Bijan Ilyaie, is an album shouting to the world that there is still hope, hope for a better day, for the true joy, for justice, for true love, and for true freedom! Please share our music and message with your friends.