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Dan Mulligan also known as “Dolbro Dan” is an alternative indie folk singer from Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Dan has been releasing music since 2007 with his debut Singin’ Homemade Music, a collection of songs covering love, travel, loneliness and poverty - all the hallmarks of a good folk record. His follow up Paranoid[?] Protest Songs, came steeped in 1960’s counter culture, bringing the fresh air of dissent to a millennial audience. And his 2017 single ‘Richard Cory’ is certainly one the most vitriolic Simon & Garfunkel covers you are ever likely to encounter.

Own Up is the third single from his Folk Dope album due for release April/May. The haunting lament with guest vocals by Ada Storm, is accompanied by a lyric video produced by Dolbro Dan himself.