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It stands to reason that this be the first release from the 'Folk Dope' album. I wrote 'Quit While You're Ahead' shortly after finishing my first album. I dread to think but that was in 2007(!) So the song's been kicking about for a while now.

Since then it's been trimmed and tweaked, demoed and edited on numerous occasions and yet somehow has managed to retain it's dignity. (Which can't be said for the whole 'Keep Calm And Carry On' fad.)

Tips from kind listeners go towards new guitar strings and my web host, as well as to cover the cost of the pro bassist, drummer, pedal steel guitarist and studio engineer...! Money well spent I think.

If you're an early visitor to this site (April / early May '15) please be on the look-out for the fully animated lyric video for 'Quit While You're Ahead' coming soon to Youtube.