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Forget, Forget is a six-piece indie rock ensemble from Portland, ME. Their sound is lush, expansive, and multi-layered, yet it is crafted to be fundamentally accessible. Guitar, synth, and string parts are layered atop a foundation of tight, driving drums and bass. Three- and four-part vocal harmonies fill out the arrangements lushly and beautifully. Guiarist and lyricist Tyler DeVos is the primary lead vocalist, with multi-instrumentalist Patia Maule contributing lead vocals on several songs. Forget, Forget's debut album, "We Are All," is driven by songwriter Tyler DeVos's work with adults living with mental illness. The lyrical content is a collage of quotes and excerpts uttered by people with psychosis who live in several of the group homes where he works. "DeVos puts those words – cloaked in metaphor and wild imagery, and yet strangely universal – to a sweeping soundtrack that heightens the otherworldly nature of the words," writes Emily Burnham of the Bangor Daily News. "We Are All" is dedicated to people who live with mental illness. Forget Forget is: Tyler DeVos (guitar, vocals) Patia Maule (synths, violin, vocals) Aaron LaChance (percussion) John Nels Blanchette (guitar, synths, vocals) Johanna Sorrell (cello, vocals) Dominic Grosso (bass)