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Geisa Fernandes - Singer and Songwriter

The repertoire of this auto-didactic singer and composer from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro has many influences: from Latin rhythms to samba, with a scent of chanson française. But first of all Geisa Fernandes is a Jazz singer. Jazz is the magical ingredient that spices up her passionate interpretations of "scathing fragility", according to the words of friend and producer Santiago Tavella. She has also a PhD in Communication Sciences and is a graphic novel researcher. Former vocalist of several bands in São Paulo and Rio, in the late 1990´s Geisa lived in Germany and in Belgium and got in touch with the European art scene: "I believe that the contact to various cultures was crucial for my music. All my songs are about people I´ve loved and places I´ve seen." Geisa Fernandes is also an awarded songwriter and she composed ten out of her first album's eleven tracks (Geisa Fernandes, 2013) plus original lyrics for Ernesto Nazareth´s 1893 masterpiece Brejeiro. Since 2014 Geisa has been studying the musical tradition of Rio de la Plata. The results of her researches on tangos, cumbias and milongas became a show named La Nueva Milonga, presented in 2017 in Rio and São Paulo. Her recent participation in the 2017 local edition of the International Jazz Day was highlighted in the Global Posters page of the event.