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Combining atmospheric soundscapes, guitars, and abrasive breaks, Lint EP is now available as a free download.

"Pheromone is quite simply an expansive masterpiece, featuring some of the most beautiful textures and soundscapes I’ve heard outside of Sigur Ros – this is music at it’s most widescreen and colourful. Seemingly out of nowhere, Gloams has unveiled a debut collection of tracks that demonstrates not only a technical brilliance, but an undeniably ambitious and emotional approach to songwriting" Gold Flake Paint

"2 Birds’s wonderful pseudo-Dn’B going soulful Big Beat comes in piece with the sunny piano keys and synths that end up in an uncomparable beauty of liquid soundscape, injecting an overwhelming, refreshing air that can’t pass unnoticed! Emotional, energetic and plain wonderful!" Sound Injections

"Whatever kind of day you’re having, I guarantee this 3 song EP is going to brighten it up a tad. It’s like an amped up big beat Sigur Ros but its Gloams." I Think You'll Like This Song