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With Burn The Plan, a long-awaited new album, Good Lovelies are both fulfilling and defying their so-called musical destiny as a "folk trio." What makes this Burn The Plan special is that the band's considerable strengths - winsome songwriting, impeccable vocals, and triangulated charisma - don’t tell the full story. There's a new spirit of adventurousness that gives Burn The Plan an extra spark; the album is permeated with textures and tones from musical worlds away.

The eye-opening "In The Morning" has a delicate electronic touch that is more Postal Service than McGarrigle. "Waiting For You", the most radio-ready of the collection, is an up-tempo, shimmering keyboard-laced number that would fit comfortably alongside the soft pop throwback of HAIM. Good Lovelies explore their inner Grimm with “The Doe,” which, like all good fairytales, is one part enchanting and one part chilling. Even the old time underpinnings of "Old Fashioned" and "When the City Settles" have a new polish, confidence and depth.