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Gunner & Smith began in 2010 as a solo project by folk artist Geoff Smith. After Smith recorded the Letter of Marque EP in early 2011 Gunner & Smith quickly underwent an evolution beginning that summer. Over the course of several months Smith gathered together an aberrant group of talented musicians, which now make up the band. Bassist Nick Dueck and drummer Jordan Bechtel where the first additions. They were followed by vocalist Olya Kutsiuruba and finally guitarist Lance Brown to complete the five member band. They have since been playing often around Saskatoon honing their style by playing among the many local pubs and taverns and plan to begin touring in late 2012. Hints of blues and jazz cut through the unique folk rock sound created by the band, making Gunner & Smith a must see platoon. The group recently finished recording a six song EP, Compromise is a Loaded Gun, The record boasts s a unique gathering of roots charms with the band’s own style of indie rock.