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Adelaide is a Taiwanese-American Indie Folk artist from Atlanta. Growing up mixed race in the South and confined in a very strict religious community pushed Adelaide to communicate through abstract art forms like painting and poetry. She grew up immersed in the arts but after high school obtained a degree in International Affairs in the hopes of finding her voice and affecting change through law or politics.Through interning at the Maryland Attorney General's Office and later working at the art museum of Chianciano in Italy, she found that the most effective and fulfilling way to reach people would be through art rather than policy. Adelaide has since devoted herself to expression through painting and music.After some initial success with publishing work in collegiate journals like UWG's Eclectic and Oxford University's Fig Poetry Magazine, Adelaide graduated and was home in Atlanta when she saw a show at Eddie's Attic for the first time. The show inspired her to put her words to melody and learn guitar, and she has been playing music ever since.Since then Adelaide has gone on to perform on stages across Atlanta and will soon announce a short tour along the East Coast. Adelaide seeks to lighten the load of anyone who happens to listen to her music or come to a show. Her debut single, BLUE, releases April 6.