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Founded by singer-songwriter Alex Mejias, High Street Hymns has grown from a local songwriting project to a nationally known worship ministry and band. As a leader in the new hymns movement, the music of HSH can be heard in churches across the US every Sunday morning. By combining ancient Christian hymnody and poems with the sounds of folk, rock and hip hop, HSH has helped to reclaim the long forgotten songs of the Church, and has brought them into incredibly diverse worship contexts. This October marks the release of High Street Hymns' sixth album, Love Lives Again. This album features songs that point us to the reality of God's reconciling work through the Gospel. In Christ, broken relationships are restored -- between God and humankind, between cultures and between humankind and creation. With special appearances by rappers Shad-E and Timothy Brindle, Love Lives Again fuses Americana, rock and hip-hop together to create a unified proclamation of the reconciling power of the Gospel