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I died.

I died while having sex.

I love having nice sex.

Pretty much that, nice coffee and nice cigarettes.

Also, nice chocolate.

It'd be safe to say that most of my songs are about that. That, and the struggle to find the whole combo to enjoy them in the same place at the same time

"Hi, I'm Water Dragon, an American music producer who made an imprint on the underground community in the more northern part of California (2010's - 2020's) My main renovation to American music was in 2019 where successfully patenting Mr. Moe and exposing it through my tours and music videos propelled the fusion of genres: metal, punk, indie, electronica, hip hop, trip hop, even the everyday garage rock. This escalated into a completely different sound, spanning all over the country. This was another major bridge to the neo music industry following the file-share revolution, the Youtube Revolution, etc."