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Who We Are: 2 Talented is a Hip Hop discipleship/mentorship program based out of Dallas, TX.

Vision Statement: Our goal is to build a discipleship movement of young rappers who steward and multiply their gifts for the glory of God and the welfare of the city.

Mission Statement: We help young rappers grow in their craft and discover their calling.

Purpose: 2 Talented aims to fill that void where young rappers can learn from more established rappers and also find community from rappers amongst their peers. Essentially we want to mentor young rappers and create an environment to receive everything they need to grow in their craft while challenging them to mentor other rappers as well. In addition to that, motivated by the Bible passage Matthew 25:14-30, we also want to encourage all people to walk in their gifts and be faithful with the dreams and passions God's given them. We are all "too talented" to waste the opportunities God has given us to steward our gifts.