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"Home" tells the story of a man going through life finding love, heartbreak, happiness, and everything in between. "Home" was written, mixed, produced, and recorded by Jacob Jones. Mastering, additional recording and mixing by Bill Bromfield. "Coffee" was mixed and produced by Mack Goth.

Trumpet parts written and performed by John DeHaven. Additional vocals by Heather Rae, Karen Wheelock, and Alex Appleton. Bass Guitar performed by Zach Micheals. "Nightmare/Her" monologue performed by Piper Rogers.

Copyright 2017, Jacob Jones, Pelham (BMI)

Pelham is living proof that raw talent, ambition and determination can still prevail in the ailing music industry. Previously performing under the name Jacob Jones, Pelham altered his stage name to stand out amongst the rest of the Jones’ in the music world. Based in Minneapolis, this 21-year-old singer-songwriter’s music has been described as an acoustic, foot-tapping, soulful blend. Undoubtedly unique and unwavering in his commitment to his artistic vision, Pelham portrays an intellect and maturity that penetrates through his music. After being told by countless authorities and peers that the music industry is a “hopeless” field to enter, Pelham has developed a thick skin and confidence that seeps through his voice and into his music.

Appealing to multiple genres and ages, Pelham’s emotionally driven lyrics and powerful voice captures the thoughts of heartbreak, loneliness, adventures, love and everything inbetween. In 2015, Pelham released his first EP “Monster”. A portrayal of his instrumental, indie sound, Pelham’s songs are often compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.

Relatable and sincere – those are the two words that best describe Pelham’s sound. With a rare ability to take in the most simple moments and transforming them into a capturing song, with all of his work, Pelham speaks to listeners directly from his heart. With lyrics and melodies that truly connect with people, Pelham has spent his time performing coffee shops, bars, festivals and public events across the U.S. Most notably, Pelham has shared the stage with Maxwell Hughes – formerly of the Lumineers – Kiernan McMullan and Seabird.

Pelham’s original music is driven from life experiences that fostered the gifted mind of this uniquely talented artist. Be sure to check out Pelham’s debut album, "Home".