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"Pray for NY... Get a free music download"... What does this mean??? Here's my best explanation as briefly summarized as possible. In 2012, after a seven year study by the American Bible Association, it was determined that the area of Albany-Troy-Schenectady was the 2nd least Bible minded city/area in the US. Furthermore, New York state accounts for one third of the top fifteen cities/areas in the US that are least Bible minded with Albany, Plattsburgh, Buffalo, NYC, and Syracuse in the top 15. You can see the link here TOP 50 Least Bible Minded Areas.

In an effort to stimulate prayer to God for the state of New York, I am making a song that was written by my wife and I as a prayer, with New York in mind, available as a free music download. In exchange for the download, I am asking you - one time only - to pray this prayer for the state of New York.

"God. Great and worthy are You. The state of New York is losing hope. And we need You. We need Jesus. So we humbly ask You to forgive us of our sins, and help us. Help us to forgive others. Help us to live for You daily, and to have the strength to say no to doing wrong. And we ask this with Your Kingdom, and Your honor in mind. In Jesus' Name, we pray."

If you prayed this prayer - Thank you for partnering with me and asking God to help change the spiritual landscape of the state of New York.

If you would like to raise awareness for this campaign, or would like to read a more detailed explanation behind this campaign, please visit: