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Hello there!

My name is Irenej V. Bošnjak aka Ire and I am ---> filmmaker and musician.Currently I am working on rewrites for my psychological thriller script Duality and we are in production of a 5 part web series with theatre group Toj To! Some crazy stuff is going on =D

My music project for year 2014 is Song a month project, where I'll try to create, record, edit, mix and publish new, different songs (also in genre) every last week of the month. Sometimes I'll do everything alone, other times you'll see me collaborate with other musicians and artists. The point is to finally show some music to the world, no matter if it is really bad or perfect. That's how I'll push myself to finish stuff :)

I am also working on my bachelor's degree for Film and Audio production at IAM (Institute and Academy for Multimedia).Already gained associate degree in Media Production (IAM) and attended Film and TV camera course atAGRFT (Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) for one year.

I am founder of IRE Studios film group.

My hobby is my job and my job is my hobby.

From Slovenia, Europe.