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For 17 years Jahmaol grew up in church but didn't have a relationship with God. Though he heard the gospel numerous times, it never took hold over his life until his senior year of high school.

Jahmaol grew up in the suburbs of Carrollton, Texas, where he quickly learned to be self-seeking, pursuing every effort to fill his heart's void. After continued failure to find identity in material wealth, he hit a depression that brought him to the brokenness where God graciously met him. He sent a man from Prestonwood Baptist Church into his life to lovingly show him the Scriptures and live them out in a way that modeled Christ well. Halfway through his senior year of high school, the Lord saved him.

Through much discipleship from several different godly men and encouragement from Christian Hip Hop music, the Lord showed Himself to Jahmaol in a mighty way that would eventually lead to a call to ministry. Following his first semester of college, the Lord revealed a call to do youth ministry along with the art of Christian Hip Hop. This led him to transfer to Dallas Baptist University in January 2011, where he graduated in May 2015 with a BBA in Music Business.

During his youth internship at his church (The Village Church Dallas Northway), God revealed a vision to start a Hip Hop discipleship program called 2 Talented which he also is pursuing alongside his music. On April 7th, 2015 Jahmaol released his first retail album called Absolutely Relative Vol. 1: Generation Arise. Following graduation, the 24 year old is still working on music and seeking to opportunities to use Hip Hop to make disciples and impact the next generation of young people.