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"I felt a sense of urgency / a lion come alive in me/ in revelation of your love... So begins the album Surrendered & Untamed, from Jason Clark, formerly of Fringe. Clark sounds very inspired, invoking a feeling of intimacy that is rare and beautiful. His lyrics are a study in passion and zeal and the melodies epic in theme and grandeur. These are great songs; they mean something, they search, they hope, they inspire, they beg for change.

Clark is wildly creative and builds an atmosphere of awe that lends itself to sincere worship. This album is simply astounding and will lead you as far into the presence of God as you are willing to go." ...

Singer/songwriter and author, Jason lives in Charlotte NC. //// The first chapter of Jason's new book has been included in the download, it was birthed from this album and is titled "Surrendered & Untamed, A Field Guide for the Vagabond Believer"