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jay alan smith’s music is not for everyone. If you can compare music to coffee, you would say this is not some foofy, pop-music cappuccino. This is like strong, cowboy coffee, brewed over a campfire. You may notice some coffee grounds swimming in the bottom of the cup, and maybe a little wood ash floating on the top. If you like that kind of coffee, you might like this kind of music. jay plays his signature 12 string guitar on tender acoustic songs about Regret and then hits the ground running with garage rock songs like Iron Horse. Pick your poison. It's all here. Acoustic Folk to Stoner Rock. John Denver to Black Sabbath. All with an explicit spiritual undertone that will offend your politically correct sensibilities.In the tradition of bands like Third Day, Need To Breathe and Petra, this is music with a message, but it doesn't sound like it. No bluegrass, or southern gospel here. No screamo and no k-love pop. Just honest, lyrical melodies with a strong beat behind it.

John Denver meets the Scorpions... In the Narthex.

Credence meets Creed... At summer camp.

Poison and Waylon Jennings on Sunday doing worship.

Honest, versatile, eclectic... These are some of the words that have been used to describe jay's music.

After hearing some of jay's acoustic tunes one person said it sounded like being in the mountains.