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A compilation of music from jay alan smith and Sheshanah.

Most of these songs have appeared on other albums by jay alan smith and Sheshanah.

Gathering together some of their signature songs, this is an album to give you a tiny flavor of what their thought provoking and amazing stage show is like.

Most people will be drawn to this album after seeing the duo's live performance, but, by all means, you may listen to it as well. There is no reason to believe that you will not fall head over heels in love with the tender tones and the truth contained within these lyrics.

If this album doesn't cause you to want to hear it over and over, the team of jay alan smith and Sheshanah will give you 100% of your money back.

A money back guarantee, can you get any better than that?

Where else could you buy an album of outstanding original music and have a satisfaction guarantee?The first song Tainted Memories is a story song by Sheshanah telling about disappointment in relationships, and how she was saved from despair.

Next is the amazing tune Drifter by Sheshanah. Victor Snow produced and contributed heavily to this one, and jay alan smith provides the electric guitars.

After feeling the wind in your hair from that song, you move into the humorous, yet brutally honest duet Some Dumb Love Song.

Jay sings one of his signature songs next, Give Up and follows that with the story song Drinkin' Alone. The song where jay tells about the time he nearly shot his best friend in the face.

This is followed with the bittersweet story of a love that happened too slow, written and performed by Sheshanah. The tune entitled Lake Avenue.

jay and Sheshanah team up again with the song Back To Narnia, which tells the poignant story of Aslan giving up his life for the children. The song tells the story from the perspective of the youngest girl in the story. Lucy.

jay continues the story telling with his song Prodigal Son.

Sheshanah then sings her song honoring Steve McQueen with the tune Never Love A Stranger. The song is written referring to all of the titles of the King of Cool's movies.

Lastly, Sheshanah's ode to friendship, the song Catching The Train.