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I suppose I write songs because I have to. I should really just stop; it's an amazingly difficult, frustrating pursuit, it doesn't pay well (or at all), and it surely distracts me from more important things. Nevertheless, I keep writing songs.

I keep writing songs because in a ridiculous, irrational way, I believe it is an an essential part of the human experience. I believe that I can (not that I have, yet) write a song that communicates in a way that transcends the capacity of language. I believe that songs can connect us to one another, to God, to nature, to our truest selves.

So, here I am. Having spent six great years writing disorienting, loud rock songs as the singer of Over the Ocean, I'm hoping to also start making some quieter music under my own name. I've released Living Room Tapes EP, a collection of mostly older songs, with the hope of raising some money for a full length album of songs I've been writing since moving to Canada last year.

-Jesse Hill