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Jesse Santoyo is a Mexican American singer/songwriter and actor born and raised in Pilsen, a Latino neighborhood in Chicago. Jesse currently lives in Nashville TN with his wife and children. His close friends know him as “fuser,” A nickname given to him by his younger brother. Jesse has been performing and writing music since the age of 15 both as a guitarist and drummer. His music and lyrics take him back to his tough upbringing in Chicago. Raised by his Mom and Dad who migrated from Mexico to the US, his journey has been far from the fairytale but of a story of survival and triumph. Jesse has collaborated with many artists in Chicago and other US cities and continues to do so. He was the front man for a Chicago based band for almost 8yrs and worked hard on building trust and a faithful following of supporters in the Chicago scene, Miami, Nashville and parts of Asia. Jesse recently took on his first solo music endeavor by writing and producing an acoustic EP titled -Fuser+