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Somewhere between the ungroomed woods of the American South and the high-rise buildings of the metropolitan hustle is where songwriter Joel Adam Russell finds himself and his music. A resident of no particular location, he has made a home amongst the people he’s met along the way. It is from these individuals that Joel has learned, grown, and evolved, both as a person and as an artist.

This wandering disposition is a motif throughout the songs on Russell’s latest release, Wildcat. The collection ranges from introspective to energetic, and throughout there is a consistent thread of earnestness. To listen to the music of Joel Adam Russell is to crack open the mind of another person and read the log of their experiences and daily meditations.

The music pulls inspiration from classic Americana stylings and places them in a contemporary context, again landing in the tension between two worlds. Joel’s voice similarly dodges finding a solitary track. Instead, opting to fold in folk, blues, country, gospel, and rock n’ roll all at once, creating distinguishable tone and character.

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