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Trumpeter and R&B vocalist Johnny Britt brings new life to Marvin Gaye's classic track "You Sure Love To Ball." Both the vocal version (Marvin Mix) and the instrumental version (Miles Mix) are available on the recent album entitled Marvin Meets Miles, a collection of Marvin Gaye songs highlighting Johnny's golden voice and world-class trumpet playing.

The original song by Marvin Gaye was issued as a single on January 2, 1974. Initial radio airplay was good enough for the song to peak at thirteen on the Hot Soul Singles chart and fifty on the Billboard Hot 100. However, "You Sure Love to Ball" soon peaked out allegedly due to the controversial nature of the track, making the song the least successful of the three tracks released on Let's Get It On. Its b-side included the solemn ballad closer of the album, "Just to Keep You Satisfied".