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Julia Barry is an indie pianist, singer, and songwriter based in NY. Knocking on trouble's door with gritty sweetness, Barry's songs describe wonder and longing across genres from jazz to soul to bossa nova. Her live sets have been described as "mesmerizing" and "haunting," and you can catch her performing solo or with a band across the U.S., especially in NYC. More information and media is at "...a voice that shimmers like moonlight on rain soaked streets." --Erin Trahan, The Independent "If you haven’t heard Julia Barry live you are missing out." --Bob Berman, RethinkPopMusic "[Barry] sings from her soul. She can make a piano shiver-and-then-wail... FACT: If Julia Barry’s not on your radar yet, she will be soon." --Sacha Vais, Irked Magazine "Her sound is soulful, jazzy and deep." --Paul Ruth, Independent Music Scene "Her talent for writing poetic and haunting...lyrics will be her calling card." --Christina Calloway, This is Real Music "Decades ago, Joni Mitchell made waves across the landscape of music with her haunting songcraft, and became an icon of the singer/songwriter genre. If there is any good in the world, Julia Barry will find the same success...she has certainly earned it." --Brandon Randall, Harmony Avenue