From Julie Rains

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Somewhere along the way I fell in love with writing, then I discovered melody and ever since I've found it hard to not write all the time and scratch lyrics on every surface in my home! I was a lesson-quitter and late bloomer in music and I only kept growing on account of those further along the road than I and their encouragement. I'm a solo I guess, but it's taken a village...

Big thanks to Gabe Pigg in Nashville days, who challenged me to write "a song a day" in a bet he never held to. "Kaleidoscope" still has some of my [our] best work, and to this day is my only full length album! Matt Froese (Toronto) & Gabe Pigg (Nashville) for co-producing "In My Place" straddling the border; my first real album with two incredibly gifted and patient artists/producers. Brian Fox & Christie Rains, for "Summer Love" and "I'll Fly Away", and never turning down an opportunity for a family project. Vanessa Petkau, for making the road hilarious (#bearable)! You always pushed me to jump, and I did because I knew you had my back.

These are a few songs from different projects; full albums can be found on iTunes. Thanks for listening! I'll continue to write and share as seasons permit ;)