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The 2nd installation in a series of 3 FREE Christmas Jazz EP's put together by various Belmont University jazz players.

Title: Jazz in the Snow (Feat. Kelsie Saison)

Production Credits:

Recorded By -Brien Pafford, Oceanway Studios, Nashville, TN

Mixed & Produced by -Brien Pafford (Producer/Engineer), Kam Meredith (Assistant Engineer), Oceanway Studios, Nashville, TN

Instrumentation Credits:

RJ Brachitta (male vox "Baby, It's Cold Outside") Bill Alexson (Keys) Will Padgett (Keys) Carter Murphey (Bass) Erik Coveney (Bass) Jeff Arnold (Guitar) Ryan Leet (Guitar) Kyle May (Drums) Nate Felty (Drums) Charles Kay (Sax) Emmanuel Echem (Trumpet)