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Ken Dahl's passion for songwriting and artistry stemmed from a very unlikely place -- suspension from school. He was under strict punishment -- which included no access to television, phone or radio during his suspension -- when he decided to pick up a pen and paper as his last resort for entertainment.

What started out as poetry eventually blossomed into songwriting. Ken Dahlbegan experimenting with R&B sounds, mimicking what he heard on the radio from his favorite artists -- including Brandy and Toni Braxton -- dreaming to be just like them.

But eventually, Ken Dahl found who Ken Dahl was. Instead of writing about things he heard on a daily basis, he began writing from his own perspective. His sense of humor and fearless attitude -- which got him in a lot of trouble in school -- ultimately became his biggest assetts as an artist.

His first song, "If This Pussy Could Talk", immediately became an underground hit among the dance crowds -- earning him adoration from fans and critical acclaim from media staples such as Perez Hilton.

Ken Dahl released four albums -- "Tricks of the Trade" (2009), "The Adahlcalypse" (2010), "Ken Dahl" (2011) and "GPS" (2012) -- all of which spun off interesting and unique music for his followers to enjoy.

After staying out of sight for over two years, his single "Casper" surfaced. The song is a declaration aimed at people who put others down -- as they hide behind computer screens. It is something that Ken Dahl struggled with as an artist -- something that brung him to the very depths of insecurity. He uses his pen to strike back and regain his strength -- and his new album "The Adventures of Ken Dahl" fully documents that journey.