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The Kenny DeShields Experience brings the heart of life, love, and music to the stage with a collection of original songs, penned by the singer/songwriter. With a style that dabbles along the lines of Bruno Mars and John Mayer, Kenny allows listeners to take a look into the heart of a man with an undying zeal and passion.

Kenny is currently showcasing new tunes from the highly anticipated "The Real Love Project," slated for a Spring 2017 release. After taking a year off from performing to focus on writing new material, the new album takes the listener on a journey of life and love.

Kenny is no stranger to taking the “road less traveled.” The Real Love Project is a breath of fresh air to a familiar but overlooked topic. “Love’s not just a four letter word. It’s a day by day, moment by moment, conscious decision. It’s a culture, a way of life.” says Kenny.

The album features production and writing credits from some of the who’s who in the St. Louis music scene, including Grammy Award winning producer/artist – J.R., fellow singer-songwriter, Theresa Payne, and his wife and media personality/fashion stylist/blogger, Christia DeShields.

He was a 2014 and 2012 nominee in the RFT Music Showcase for Best R&B Artist and the 2011 Winner for Best Gospel Artist in the RFT Best of St. Louis category.

Kenny has had the privilege of sharing the stage with music greats such as Grammy nominated and BET J Virtual Award Winner - Eric Roberson, Jeanne Jolly, Leon Timbo, Anthony David, Mali Music, Meaghan Williams McNeal, Daniel Eric Groves, and Sunday’s Best Finalists - Jessica Reedy and Durward Davis.