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Don’t let the name mislead you: KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS embodies an unapologetic, Southern rawness that you wouldn’t expect from a Chicago-based group. With music and lyrics celebrating the gritty, honest vulnerability of life, love, and loss, the group’s unique sound is firmly rooted in the heritage of Folk music. KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS is forging a strong presence in the Chicago music scene and has already built a responsive fan base by performing at premier venues in Chicago and neighboring Midwestern cities and states. The rum-soaked passion in every lyric and chord is only intensified at a live venue, making KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS’ music and performances impossible to resist. Kevin Daniel Palka (vocals/guitar/kick) began his musical career playing with Green Light Revival, an Alt. Country/Punk that mutually disbanded in early 2010. At that time, Kevin followed his admiration of Folk music and began to focus on acoustic guitar, booking a variety of small venues and honing his own unique style. By 2011, he had started writing and recording a series of songs in his home studio. Soon after, Kevin met his manager, Kyle Reynolds of Music Like Water, and released a selection of songs both digitally and on CDRs they burned themselves. “Whiskey, Weed and Cigarettes” and “Your Love” took off in the true grassroots fashion of Folk music, and after cataloging dozens of original songs, Kevin began piecing together his debut solo album. THIRTEEN… Live in an empty room, featuring John Prestipino (banjo), was successfully released in 2012. “The folk/punk hybrid is present throughout all songs on this album… His songwriting is mature beyond his years and does not fall trap to sounding dated. The themes he writes about are universal – pain, love, loss, heartache – and this album showcases the talent. Kevin Daniels’ THIRTEEN… Live in an Empty Room is worth a listen.” - Contributed by WeirScrewed @ the barn presents… With positive reviews and an ever-growing fan base, Kevin Daniels started playing monthly shows in Chicago and neighboring cities to promote THIRTEEN. In 2012, Johnny Prestipino joined Kevin full-time, and soon after the pair was also joined by Nate Bishop (bassist). Now officially KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS, the group’s following continued to grow as their performances became bigger, better, and even more raw. As 2013 kicks off, KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS is gaining even more momentum and there is no sign of stopping. With the addition of Amy Anderson (violin), the group continues to book premier shows throughout the Midwest, and Kevin is hard at work writing new material for what will become the band’s first official album, A City That Won’t Sleep, due to be released in the early summer. If the start of this year is any indication of where KEVIN DANIELS & FRIENDS is headed, grab a drink and slap on your dancing shoes – It’s going to be one hell of a show.