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Kid Politics is a synth-pop act based in Nashville, TN. Their EDM-tinged, hook-laden debut single ‘Did It Anyway’ and the growing momentum upon the release of their follow up single ‘California Vibes’ introduced the band with a bang prompting comparisons to superstar acts Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, and Coldplay, and garnering early praise from peers and critics alike. The band was born Fall 2016 when singer-songwriter Kelby Dover was introduced to drummer Michael Mann by a mutual friend. The two hit it off and when Kelby shared a few demos of songs he was hoping to record and release, Michael was hooked. “I’d never heard a voice like Kelby’s," recalls Mann. "You meet a lot of great singers in a city like Nashville but the songs themselves were amazing. I knew right then that we had something special.” Adds Kelby, “I had only shared my songs with a few people up to that point so I wasn’t completely sure if Michael was just being nice. He stuck around so I guess he was telling the truth.” Just a few weeks later, bassist Tyler “Diego” Harrison who had just relocated to Nashville was visiting with Mann when the subject of forming a band came up. Dover and Mann played the demos for Harrison who joined on the spot and Kid Politics was born.